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અહિં આપને CERTIFICATE IN COMPUTER CONCEPT (CCC) વિશે કેટલીક ઉપયોગી માહિતી અને પૂર્વતૈયારી માટે સાહિત્ય આપેલ છે. જે પરિક્ષાની તૈયારી કરવામાં ઉપયોગી થશે.

પરિપત્ર ક્રમાંક 30/09/2006 PRCH/102005 મુજબ ગુજરાત સરકારે બધા વર્ગ - ૩ના સરકારી કર્મચારી માટે CCC તથા વર્ગ - ૧ અને ૨ના સરકારી કર્મચારી માટે CCC+ પરિક્ષા પાસ કરવી અનિવાર્ય કરેલ છે.

આંબેડકર યુનિવર્સિટી માન્યતા પરિપત્ર

02-01-2012 નો પરિપત્ર

ગુજરાત ટેકનો. યુનિ. 19-01-2012નો પરિપત્ર

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CCC Course

1 Introduction to Computer
1.1 What is Computer?
1.2 Characteristics of Computer
1.3 Basic Application of Computer
1.4 Components of Computer System
1.5 Center Processing Unit (CPU)
1.6 VDU, Keyboard & Mouse, Other input/output Devices
2 Concepts of Hardware and Software
2.1 Classification of Computers
2.2 Representation of data/information concepts of data processing
2.3 Definition of Information and data, Basic data types
2.4 Storage of data / information as files
2.5 Trouble Shooting
3 Introduction to Windows (MS Windows)
3.1 What is an operating system and basic of windows?
3.2 The User Interface
3.3 Using Mouse and Moving Icons on the screen
3.4 The My Computer Icon
3.5 The Recycle Bin
3.6 Status Bar, Start and Menu & Menu-selection
3.7 Running an Application
3.8 Windows Explorer Viewing of File, Folders and Directories
3.9 Creating and Renaming of files and folders.
3.10 Opening and closing of different Windows
3.11 Windows Setting, System Information
3.12 Hardware Profiles
3.13 Control Panels
3.14 Wallpaper and Screen Savers, Setting the date & time
3.15 Sounds and Audio Devices
3.16 Concept of menu Using Help
3.17 Using right Button of the Mouse and Creating a Shortcuts
3.18 Window Accessories - Notepad
3.19 Command Prompt (MS DOS Prompt)
3.20 Paint Brush
4 Elements of Word Processing Word Processing Basic (MS WORD)
4.1 An Introduction to Word Processing
4.2 Opening Word Processing Package
4.3 The Menu Bar
4.4 Using the Icons below menu bar
4.5 Opening Documents, Save and Save AS
4.6 Page Setup, Print View, Printing of Documents, Print a selected page
4.7 Display / Hiding of Paragraph Marks and Inter Word Space
4.8 Moving Around in a Document, Scrolling the Document
4.9 Scrolling by line / paragraph, Fast Scrolling & Moving Pages
5 Text Creation and Manipulation
5.1 Paragraph and tab Setting, Text Selection, Cut, copy & paste
5.2 Font and size selection, bold, italic and Underline
5.3 Alignment of Text: Center, Left, right and Justify
5.4 Formatting the Text, Changing font, Size and Color
5.5 Paragraph indenting, Bullets and Numbering
5.6 Cut, Copy and Paste across the documents
5.7 Use of Tab and Tab setting, Changing case
5.8 Spelling & Grammar Check
5.9 Use Drawing Tools
5.10 Tables
Concept of table: Rows Columns and Cells, Draw Table, Changing cell Width and Height, Alignment
of Text in Cell, Copying of cell

સાહિત્યની લિંક મેળવવા લોગઇન થાઓ.
CCC અભ્યાસ સામગ્રી

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